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 Welcome to WV ATV Rentals! We are located in Rock, WV next to Indian ridge and Pocahontas trails system. We are approximately 1 mile from the beautiful Ashland ATV Resort and 1/8 mile from Skyland ATV Retreat. All of our ATV's are automatic and 4-wheel drive; also they feature independent suspension to ensure the best ride possible. We take great pride in our well maintained machines and strongly urge that our renters take care of them so that future renters will have fun, safe rides. To guarantee that everyone has a good time we have a few rules for our renters; which you can find on the info page above.

     Alot of customers are trying a West Virginia ATV Rental for different reasons, Some want to try out the trail system before bringing they're own atv's down, Others are are trying to decide weather they want a side by side or a 2 up touring machine before purchasing a $10- $20,000 machine and some just want to see if atving is for them before they make such a big investment. At WV ATV Rentals We have the variety of top quality atv's, We have side by sides like the Polaris rzr or if you and your family all want to ride together We have a four seater Polaris ranger crew cab. We have the two-up touring atv's like the Polaris 850 xp eps or the Can Am 500 touring atv, or if you just want a single atv We have the Polaris sportsman 400 and the Can Am 400 xt available. What ever your needs We will try to accomodate them for you.

  Hatfield mccoy's atv rental is a blast for the Whole family and will bring a lifetime of memories for friends and family. You can ride right from your camp to towns as far away as the historic town of Bramwell or Pineville or Mullens , You can ride right into town and as long as You obey local laws wearing safety gear and obey speed limits The locals will welcome your business, weather You want food,gas ,shopping or in some cases tours of the historical towns.

  Alot of customers ask if the trails are marked, Let us assure You they are well marked with color codes letting You know easy riding trails (green) moderate (blue) to challenging (black) and very good maps, So it is very hard to get lost on the trails. 

WV ATV Rentals

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