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Check out our new Mid-Week Special!
For a limited time. 

Wolf cabin at WV ATV Resort surrounded by trees with a Can-Am X3 off-road vehicle parked outside.

-Check in on a Sunday or Monday

-Stay 3 nights in a cabin

-Rent a SXS for 2 days

Get $225-$250 off regular pricing!

Call for more information and booking

West Virginia Hatfield McCoy Trails

WV ATV Resort is a blast for the whole family and will bring a lifetime of memories.

You can ride right from your camp to towns as far away as the historic town of Bramwell, Pineville, or Mullens.

You can ride right into town as long as you obey local laws, wearing safety gear, and obey speed limits.

The locals will welcome your business, whether you need food, gas, shopping, or in some cases tours of the historical towns.

Whether you're exploring the ATV trails or simply relaxing in the great outdoors, this charming resort is the perfect getaway for nature lovers.


We are located at aprox 3500 ft on Indian Ridge, 2 minutes from Wrong Turn Pizza with trail access to Indian Ridge Trail system, 2 minutes from Pocahontas Trail System and 20 minutes from Pinnacle Creek connector.

Don’t Miss

Bramwell's Corner shop is a must see. Besides wonderful food and historical settings, they offer homemade soda pop and  multiple ice cream selections. The Corner Shop is the perfect stop for your family's lunch off the trails! 

A charming, quaint corner shop named Bramwell's offers delightful food and boasts historical settings. The exterior of the shop is adorned with hanging flower baskets and a vintage sign.The atmosphere transports visitors back in time, making it a unique and memorable experience.
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