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Here you will be able to find additional information and answer any questions you may have. 

How old do you have to be to drive the rentals?

This is our most common question! We require the driver to be 21 and older. 

How old do you have to be to ride the trails?

Hatfield McCoy requires passengers to be at least 6 and older.

Where do we fill up with gas?

We have a gas pump readily available on the property with 93 non-ethanol

Where can we wash our machine?

We have a pressure washer available on the property you can use when you get back from the trails! 

How many trail passes will we need?

Hatfield McCoy requires every single person that will be riding the trails to have a trail pass. 

Where can we purchase trail passes?

We have trail passes available for purchase in our shop!

What time does the machine rental run?

Our rentals start at 8 am to 5 pm the last day, if late, there is a $200 late fee for the first 4 hours after 5.

Do you deliver machine rentals?

At this time, we do not currently deliver. 

When will I receive the damage deposit back after renting?

Given there are no new damages to our machines, most banks will return it within 5-7 business days.

Where are we able to ride?

Pocahontas and Indian Ridge trail systems are both 10 minutes away without a lot of road riding!

Do we allow pets?

Pets are welcome on our property, please call or read our Rules/Legal page for more information.

Are helmets and goggles included?

They are not included, however, we rent helmets for $10 a day, and glasses/goggles are available for purchase in our shop!

Do I need experience to ride the trails?

You do not! Hatfield McCoy offers color-coded trails to match difficulty levels. Green and Blue colors will be the easiest trails, ready for beginners! 

Military Discounts 

Hatfield McCoy offers a resident pass ($26.50) in place of a non-resident pass ($50.00)
WV ATV offers 10% on your purchases.

Do I need to trailer the machine upon pickup?

For most cases you do not need to do so. Most of the towns in our surrounding area are ATV road friendly. However, for long distances we may prefer that you trailer them then.

Are there places to eat by the trails?

Yes! There are many wonderful places to eat here with a few new restaurants in Bramwell! A few to name are: The Corner Shop, Casa Familia, and The Honeycomb Cafe! Others outside of Bramwell include Wrong Turn Pizza, Hilltop Escape, Trail 10 Pub and Grill, and Coal Camp Cafe!

Do the rental machines have windshields?

They do not at this time. You may bring your own if you wish to do so.

Click here to view Hatfield McCoy's official rules/regulations

What to know:

hand signals 2 .jpg

-Trails are TWO WAY, please be careful on blind curves/hills, etc.

-WV weather can be very unpredictable and change very quickly. Please come prepared for any weather conditions.

Hand Signals

These hand signals show how many riders are in a group at a time so you will be aware and know what to expect oncoming. These are important to know as they are commonly used on the trails. 

-Hatfield McCoy Trails close at sundown, all ATV's must vacate at dark. 

-If you are to breakdown/get lost, STAY WHERE YOU ARE. Keep one person with the machine if you are to leave. This makes it easier to find you.

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