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Wild and Wonderful West Virginia


Welcome to WV ATV RESORT!

Welcome to WV ATV Resort! We are located in Rock, WV next to Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek, and Pocahontas Trail systems. All of our machine's are automatic and 4-wheel drive; they also feature independent suspension to ensure the best ride possible. We take great pride in our well maintained machines and strongly urge that our renters take care of them so that future renters and families will have fun, safe rides. We have a full service garage on site with a certified Can-Am mechanic, not only for our own rental machines, but to service yours as well. We also have towing services available if you aren't able to come to us! You can view more information through the FAQ page.

A lot of customers are trying a West Virginia ATV Resort for several different reasons. Some want to try out the trail system before bringing their own ATV's down, others are are trying to decide whether they want a side by side before purchasing a $10 - $30,000 machine, and some just want to see if trail riding is for them before they make such a big investment. Here at WV ATV Resort we always have top quality machines! This year we have Can-Am Commanders and X3 Turbos available in two AND four seaters. So you can bring the whole family to enjoy the fun! What ever your needs, we will do our best to accommodate them for you.


WV ATV Resort is a blast for the whole family and will bring a lifetime of memories! You can ride right from your camp to towns as far away as the historic town of Bramwell, Pineville, Welch, War, or Mullens. You can ride right into town and as long as you obey local laws wearing safety gear and obey speed limits. The locals will welcome your business, whether you want food, gas, shopping, or in some cases tours of the historical towns.

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