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How to Get Here


288 Sagamore Road, Rock, WV 24747

Click the address above for exact coordinates to our location

Directions if you're heading north on I-77


Follow Interstate I-77 to Exit 1 Bluefield/Princeton. If you are traveling north bound on 
SECOND TUNNEL!! Exit 1 is IMMEDIATELY at the tunnel's end.


Follow Route 52 north to Bluewell. Route 52 will wind through the town of Bluefield, 
past Bluefield State University; follow the signs.


At the second light in Bluewell turn right on Route 71 North/Lorton Lick Road 
towards Motoaka.  (There is a Family Dollar Store and an old Exxon station on the 
corner where you turn.)


Follow Route 71 North for 3.4 miles to Montcalm.

Once in Montcalm, after the Montcalm Fire Department  (on the left), make the next 
left onto  Crane Creek Road (look for the sign "Crane Creek Road Next Left")


Proceed on Crane Creek Road for 4.3 miles.  At the fork in the road, stay LEFT.


Continue for 2.3 miles to the top of the mountain (Windmill Gap). Make a sharp right 
turn onto Prosperity School Road .


You are now only .5 miles from WV ATV Resort, the Trailhead Inn on the left and the Cemetery on the right, make the 
first left onto Sagamore Road(Clyde"s Corner). Go approx 200 yds and turn right on first driveway to right, There is a 10ft Totem pole(Bailey Holler) at driveway entrance and go through gate to top of driveway.

Relationship map between Ashland ATV Resort and WV ATV Resort
Map displaying the Indian Ridge Trail System with the location of the WV ATV Resort highlighted. The resort is situated in the southern section of the trail system, clearly marked on the map. Surrounding trails and landmarks are also shown, providing context to the resort's placement within the trail network."
Logo for WV ATV Resort and Rentals showcasing a combination of natural elements and recreational vehicle. The logo features a serene mountain landscape with lush greenery. In the foreground, there is  an ATV, representing the rentals aspect of the business. The logo is designed with a balanced composition and harmonious colors, invoking a sense of outdoor adventure and relaxation. The text 'WV ATV Resort and Rentals' is displayed in a clean, readable font, ensuring clear branding and identification."
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