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        We are located 3500 ft on top of Indian Ridge mountain beside Indian Ridge trail # 62 and 1000 ft above Ashland resort. Centrally located so that you can access Pocahontas, Pinnacle Creek, and Indian Ridge Trail Systems easily with out a lot of pavement riding. Our private mountain Resort is safe for the family and private, So you don't have to worry about your family's safety at WV ATV Resort. All of our machine's are new models and are automatic and 4-wheel drive, also they feature independent suspension to ensure the best ride possible. We take great pride in our well maintained machines and strongly urge that our renters take care of them so that future renters will have fun, safe rides.

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We're changing it up a bit this year and went with the CanAm Maverick Sport for our rentals! 

With its two or four occupants at its centre, the complete Ergo-Lok cockpit was shaped to carve out never-before-seen occupant space while retaining the ability to squeeze down narrow paths and through tight trails. For the driver there’s an adjustable seat and tilt steering, for the passenger ergonomically placed footrests and grab bars to further perfect their connection to the ride. For both there’s more space between them than they’d find in other 60-inch models.

At 75 horsepower, the torquey, responsive Maverick Sport definitely won't leave you waiting. Battle-tested Rotax V-twin technology has been around the block, around the track and around the world.

West Virginia Trails

WV ATV Rental is a blast for the whole family and will bring a lifetime of memories for friends and family.

You can ride right from your camp to towns as far away as the historic town of Bramwell, Pineville, or Mullens.

You can ride right into town and as long as you obey local laws wearing safety gear and obey speed limits.

The locals will welcome your business, whether you need food, gas, shopping or in some cases tours of the historical towns.

WV ATV Rentals Bear
WV ATV Rentals Bear

WV ATV Rentals - 4 Seater Family Edit Final with Logo
WV ATV Rentals - 4 Seater Family Edit Final with Logo


WV ATV Rentals Bear
WV ATV Rentals Bear



We are located at aprox 3500 ft on Indian Ridge, 2 minutes from Wrong Turn Pizza with trail access to Indian Ridge Trail system, 2 minutes from Pocahontas Trail System and 20 minutes from Pinnacle Creek connector.

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You have to go to Corner Cafe in Bramwell. Besides the amazing food, your glass will never ever be empty! Great casual atmosphere!